Autumn Beauty Favorites 2017

Hi everyone! November is coming to an end and I thought that it’s time to round up my autumn beauty favorites for you today. Let’s get started!


Beginning with the skin, the product that I’ve been loving is The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. The main reason why I like it so much is because it has a very light texture, so it is perfect to use underneath foundation or just as an everyday face cream. Moreover, I think that the packaging is very smart and convenient because the actual (plastic) tin is quite small, but it fits 50 ml of the product and it is great because you can get every last drop out of it. It is very travel-friendly as well. It‘s suitable for all skin types and It is fantastic for my oily/combination skin. In the colder months my skin often leans to the combination side, however I feel that this cream helped me balance out my skin as well as hydrate it. The moisturizer claims to have 48h hydration. It instantly became my favorite!

Another The Bodyshop product that I absolutely love is their hand cream. I recently used up the one with a Fuji Green Tea scent and I already have been using a new one from the festive collection, the Frosted Plum. I always hated the feeling of hand/body creams because I found them all to be very sticky. It all changed when I tried the products from The Body Shop. This hand cream is very light weight, not sticky, not oily, but it is very moisturizing and it absorbs into the skin quickly. Not to mention that it also smells very nice and has various scents to choose from. It’s all that I could ask for, really recommend it!


Next is NYX Matte Finish setting spray, which has replaced my Urban Decay All Nighter. They are quite similar to me, but the good thing is that the NYX is a little cheaper. It costs about 9 euro for one bottle, which holds 60 ml and the Urban Decay spray costs around 30 euro, however it has double the product in one bottle. I have oily skin and this setting spray doesn’t leave my skin looking matte, it has a semi-matte, natural finish that I really like. It melts all the powders on my skin and doesn’t matify the glow that I have from my moisturizer. Although, once I had a more matte base on, I definitely noticed that this spray helped my skin stay matte longer throughout the day, so I’d say that it works differently depending on your base.


Moving onto the eyes, I discovered a new brow gel. It’s the Eyeko Brow Gel Shape & Define. A brow gel, especially a clear one, is a total must have for me. I use it even on my “no makeup” makeup days to keep my brows in place. I was very intrigued to find this brand when I was in Germany because I heard a lot of good things about it and we don’t have Eyeko in Lithuania. I was a bit skeptical about this product at first because the gel isn’t actually clear; it has a tint, which looked very dark to me. However, I ended up loving it. The product looks very natural on the brows and it enhances my natural brow color by making it slightly darker. Furthermore, it contains very good products to condition the brows and most importantly it really holds them in shape.

Another favorite that I wanted to mention is the DUO Brush On Adhesive. These past few months I have been building my portfolio and for several photo shoots I applied false lashes using this eyelash glue. I have to say I was very impressed with it because the lashes stuck on so well, didn’t move or pop up on the inner corners; false lashes stayed on until I was ready to take them off. The glue didn’t pull out my natural lashes, which is so important. Also, this glue is latex free. My eyes are very sensitive, but this product didn’t irritate them, my eyes weren’t itching or watering. I really liked the fact that the glue dries down clear as well.


FullSizeRender (15)

In addition, I couldn’t not name my Jeffree Star Androgyny palette as one of my favorites. I loved using this eyeshadow palette in the fall season because the colors are just perfect for it. You can find a more informative review about this product and swatches here.


Lastly, I have to share some of the lip products that I’ve been using. The first one is NYX Turnt Up! Lipstick in a shade Stone. It’s the perfect cool-toned nude color for fall/winter. The texture is very creamy and pigmented. It doesn’t dry out the lips and it’s easy to use. The second lipstick is by MAC in the color Faux. It is from the satin range, so again it doesn’t dry out the lips, is evenly pigmented. The color is great for everyday and I think that this shade would look good on everyone. The third lipstick is Urban Decay Vice Comfort Matte. It is my absolute favorite lipstick formula! It is matte and stays on for so long, but doesn’t feel or look drying. The shade is 1993 – the perfect 90’s brown lip. Finally, the last product is Essence Shine Shine Shine lip gloss in the color Bright on! (06). This shade in particular provides a beautiful shiny metallic finish to the lips. It is comfortable and non-sticky and also very affordable. A total win-win in my opinion.

Those are all of the lovely products that became my staples this season. Let me know about your favorites in the comments down below as well!

Until next time! xo




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