Transitional Outfits | Fall 2017

Hi everyone, long time no see! Today I want to share with you a few of my transitioning into fall outfits.


Jacket: ZARA// Blouse: MANGO// Jeans: MANGO// Sneakers: Skechers// Earrings: MANGO// Rings: H&M

For the first look I have one of my new favorite purchases for this season – the mustard colored jacket. I’ve always wanted a leather jacket this color, but this suede jacket is even better than I have pictured in my mind. It is so warm and cozy and it’s just perfect for the weather here in Lithuania. I paired it with my favorite bright blue jeans because I love how the mustard yellow and blue look together. I also put it with a white blouse that is actually my summertime piece, but it works great for the transitioning period (like I said that jacket is very warm). Since it’s not too cold yet I wore my white sneakers to complete this outfit as well. To further amp up the look and make it more autumnal I created this mustardy yellow eye look with a chocolate-brown lip.


Sweater: MANGO// Jeans: MANGO// Shoes: Basconi// Earrings: MANGO

Second outfit is a very simple everyday outfit. I love that this bright, mostly blue based red is the latest trend right now because this is the only type of red that I actually like and I’ve fallen in love with it recently. When I was in Germany I picked this bright red sweater and I really do enjoy it. It looks thin, but it is quite warm and it was a very warm day when I wore this particular outfit. I paired it with the same MANGO jeans, my brown flat shoes and in contrast to the top – the light beige colored bag with navy details and a wooden lock to match the shoes (and my nails, and eye makeup really 😄).


Blazer: ZARA// Top: MANGO// Jeans: MANGO// Sneakers: Skechers// Rings: H&M

Last outfit is also bright and in fact with lots of red too. This Chanel vibes giving blazer is also quite a new addition to my wardrobe that I got in the summertime, so I think that it will stay only for the transitioning time with me, it’s too spring/summer to wear it all year round. I put it together with my feminist logo T-Shirt and the same blue jeans, and sneakers again. I love pairing this blazer with the red MANGO sweater as well when I want more warmth.

Thank you for reading ❤️. Another blog post will be up tomorrow or on Monday, but from next week I plan to do one post a week on Sundays, so keep an eye out. Until then! xo



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