Fun Summer Look

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re having a beautiful start of the week. For today’s post I’ll be sharing with you this fun summer watermelon inspired look. I had so much fun creating it. The look itself wasn’t even intentional. The top with little seeds that I’m wearing I bought a couple years ago and for this outfit it was just the perfect fit. Then, in the beginning of the year, I saw these statement earrings from Mango online and was absolutely in love, so when I saw them in a store, in my hometown, I bought them without questioning. In spring I was planning to do an order from and those little slip on shoes were screaming summer to me. Here we are now with the whole outfit put together and I even went a step further and created this eye makeup to complement the theme of the look. So, all in all, I look like a walking watermelon. Jokes aside, those kinds of fun looks just put me in the best mood. I felt so lucky too because the day that I wore it was such a beautiful and sunny day in Lithuania. That is rare occasion and it was just like planned. I think this look is perfect for a hot, sunny summer day or even a casual summer party! I encourage you to bring more color into your everyday looks in the summertime because you won’t even notice when it will be chilly autumn again…


Good luck with your creations and until next time!




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