Welcome my lovely reader! My name is Justė and this is my brand new blog. This still feels so weird to say, but I’m very excited to start this journey. I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a few years now, but it seemed so difficult to me at first, because IT is not my strongest skill to be honest. I’ve started to think more about it this year and I have done a lot of research for the best way to start. Little did I know that today I actually will be posting my first blogpost… I know it’s not perfect, but bear with me, we’ll learn together. Now, you still might be wondering what will this blog be about? The reason that I even wanted to start my own blog is because I’m a total fashion addict and the more years pass, the more I’m into it. I love creating an image from top to bottom – picking an outfit, accessorizing, doing makeup and hair. I think these are all important factors to create a look. Here I want share my created looks, ideas, styling tips and hopefully inspire some of you. However, these are not the only things I want to talk about. I also want to share my travel experiences, vegetarian/vegan food recipes and any random thoughts and topics that I’ll want to chat about. As you can tell, this post is more for introduction, I won’t get into details about my outfit today, but I thought that the slogan on my shirt, wich says “inspire others” is a perfect fit for the first post because I really hope that this blog will inspire you to create and try something new. Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow my blog if you want to get notified about my new posts. Until next time! xo


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